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Natalie Clarke



Hi my name is Natalie Clarke. I have been using these incredible products for myself and my family since Paradise Nutrients started. I have an auto immune condition that causes inflammation and scarring in my vital organs. I spent 8 years coughing until I found the minerals that are now available from Paradise Nutrients. They have completely saved my life.  My condition is in remission and I have abundant health and vitality now. I am a teacher and an app developer and if it wasn't for using these products, as well as the non-toxic and safe household products, I would not be alive today.  I was even told I would never have children without IVF, but I was able to naturally conceive while using these minerals. My husband started using them too. I now have two healthy little boys.  My eldest son plays competition sport and the minerals also assist my younger son with ASD to improve his gut.  Mind you, I have to disguise the minerals in some of their food! Both boys have great focus when they are on the minerals and the other nutritional products available.  Visit my website for additional tips.  www.lifelearningapps.com