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Our Story

Paradise Nutrients is an Australian owned Queensland based company located in the beautiful Lockyer Valley 100km west of Brisbane.  The Lockyer Valley is known as the food bowl of Australia containing one of the richest nutritional soils in the world.  Paradise Nutrients grows and markets a unique range of listed medicines, functional foods, superfoods, pet and equine products.  The uniqueness of our products includes plant-based nutrients and plant compounds derived from plants grown in some of the most nutrient rich soils in the world.

The Paradise Nutrients range of products have been developed by the CEO of the company, Mr Graham Ellem, with over 30 years of experience in farming, soil testing, plants nutrient testing and unique product development.  The ingredients in our products where possible are organic, natural or chemical free and of the purest quality ensuring our customers and end users receive products that have that WOW factor effect, “As Nature Intended”.

Our farming practises are environmentally sustainable and the Company is proud of its strict operating procedures protecting the local environment, its native animals and water quality.  

Our Tea Tree plantations are located in an area in Australia where the Mother Trees are still growing. Some of these trees have been tested to be over 1000 years old and still standing.  The compounds in these trees and their offspring, where the oil comes from, contains the original DNA which guarantees original quality and superior strength of the compounds used in so many of our products now offered around the world.

Once harvested our ingredients are transferred to our state of the art manufacturing, packaging and dispatch centre.  Paradise Nutrients dispatch warehouse is only 1 hour drive from the port of Brisbane and Wellcamp export airport.

Our vision is to expand our company to a level where we can grow and manufacture the highest quality, effective consumable products.  Our products consist of listed medicines, functional foods, unique personal care products, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal products for humans’, pets, animals and nontoxic products for the home and industry use.   


As Nature Intended