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If you are looking for one of the worlds best non toxic, quality natural skin care and personal care products, look no further.  Paradise Nutrients Tea Tree personal care products have been formulated from original plant based ingredients still containing the full banquet of phytonutrients that nature intended.  Our base ingredients include 90% Aloe Vera inner leaf gel and our Tea Tree leaf extracts containing the original DNA from the Mother Trees in our plantations. Other ingredients in this range have been fused together and synergised to provide some of the most soothing, healing compound combinations to assist in your bodies general wellbeing and care.                                          Non Toxic Aluminum and Phosphate Free Personal Care Products


Paradise Nutrients Gel range is made from some of the purest non toxic natural ingredients Mother Nature has provided.  Each product is based on two ingredients and when combined contains over 300 plant compounds.  The Tea Tree extracts come from plantation Tea Trees that were seedlings from the original Mother trees on the plantation.  These Mother trees are between 500 to 1000 years old and still growing on the plantation.  This is important because they contain the original DNA of the Mother trees providing only the best and purest active ingredients, containing no GMO compounds like modern day plantations and could be found in the oil.  The other main base ingredient is Aloe Vera Barbadensis inner leaf gel.  This truly nutritiously filled ingredient is used in all our skin products, massage gels and has the ability to penetrate and reach into the deepest body tissues some 7 layers deep.  This Aloe also has at least 6 antiseptic agents which has been proven to kill and fight  bacteria, viruses and fungi.  Aloe Vera also stimulates cell growth.  It stimulates the birth of new healthy tissue assisting in quick healing of damaged skin and tissue.  Aloe Vera has a revitalizing effect on the body’s nervous system.  Aloe Vera also has a cleansing effect in the body, assisting in detoxification and normalizes the body’s metabolism.  Combined with the many other ingredients, this unique gel range will bring you a naturally soothing and healing skin care range.




Tea Tree Gel  

Discover the amazing benefits of Australian Tea Tree Oil with our soft, organic skin gel.  Its powerful anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties can soothe and heal bites, burns, stings and minor skin issues.  Experience the natural goodness of Australian Tea Tree Oil in our product. Made with Ausralian Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera Gel. 


Tea Tree Skin Gel 100ml   Code PN452   Retail  $ 16.50   Member Price $ 14.00  Points 3

Available in 4 Pack




Tea Tree Skin Therapy Gel  

This soothing gel, made with Natural Australian Tea Tree Oil, is enriched with a variety of minerals, vitamins and amino acids.  These powerful ingredients have been scientifically proven to have natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and healing properties. Experience the amazing benefits of blackseed with this all-natural gel.  Treats and relieves acne and psoriasis, relieves pain from wounds and bruising, tightens skin and assists with unwanted wrinkles, soothes itchiness and reduces symptoms of eczema, may help to relieve sore joints caused by arthritis, may lighten dark skin blemishes.


Tea Tree Skin Therapy 100ml   Code PN450   Retail  $ 16.50   Member Price $ 14.00  Points 3

Available in 4 Pack




Tea Tree Moisturising Gel 

Moisturising Gel is an all natural, soft, organic, soothing gel which will deliver a boost of nutrition to your skin.  Skin Moisturising Gel is rich in a banquet of plant based minerals, vitamins, amino acids and other amazing compounds which have shown, through scientific studies, the ingredients may contribute to the general wellbeing of your skin.  Made with Natural Australian Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera Gel and Jojoba Oil.


Tea Tree Moisturising Gel 100ml   Code PN457   Retail  $ 16.50   Member Price $ 14.00  Points 3

Tea Tree Moisturising Gel 200ml   Code PN459   Retail  $ 26.40   Member Price $ 22.44  Points 6

                                                                                     Available in 4 Pack                                                                                               




Nature's Rose Deodorant   

Paradise Nutrients Nature’s Rose Deodorant is an aluminium free Rose scented spray containing a combination of one of the world’s best Tea tree hydrosols, Rose scented ingredients and plant-derived minerals.  The Tea tree hydrosol in our Rose Deodorant comes from the seedlings of our Mother trees that contain the original Tea tree DNA, providing all the tree healing compounds that nature originally intended.  Ingredients:-Rose Deodorant contains extracts from Rose oil, Citronella oil, Lemon grass oil and Clove oil.  These compounds also have natural insect repellent properties yet has a long-lasting beautiful rose fragrance. 


Nature's Rose Deodorant 50ml   Code PN426   Retail  $ 17.80   Member Price $ 15.13  Points 5

                                        Available in 4 Packs                                                        




Tooth Gel   

Aussie Herbal Tooth Gel Aussie Herbal Tooth Gel has been developed with a light abrasive and low foam action; it also contains natural herbal extracts and essential oil extracts.  Paradise Nutrients Tooth Gel helps prevent plaque build-up, cleansing gently and effectively while soothing the mouth with natural Peppermint Oil and Organic Tea Tree Oil Extract to provide a fresh pleasant taste.


 Tooth Gel  100ml   Code PN425   Retail  $ 14.00   Member Price $ 11.90  Points 4

Available in 4 pack 




My M.A.T.E Personal Spray  

My M.A.T.E Personal Spray contains all natural and effective plant compounds from Tea tree oil and Tea tree leaf extracts, Eucalyptus oil and extracts and a combination of fruit and vegetable extract that assists with killing bacteria and viruses.  

My M.A.T.E Personal Spray may be used as a personal hand sanitiser to protectant against bacteria and viruses.  It may also help relieve with stings, cuts and skin conditions.  My M.A.T.E may also be used against fungal attack on your feet or other parts of the body.  My M.A.T.E can also be used as a deodorant and may be effective against head lice if sprayed into your hair.  A handy product to have in the home, at the office, in your gym bag, in the workshop etc... 


My M.A.T.E  125ml   Code PN360   Retail  $ 17.20   Member Price $ 14.95  Points 4

Available in a twin pack and 4 pack    




Supagel Pain Relieving Massage Gel  

Supagel is one of those amazing muscle rub products that you have waited for all your life to get relief almost instantly.  This soft yet powerful gel is made from 90% organic Aloe Vera Gel, Organic Melaleuca Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Peppermint Oil, Winter Green Oil, Methyl salicylate, Allantoin and Plant-Derived Sea Minerals. 

Supagel is an amazing and effective Muscle Massage and Pain Reliever.  Supagel contains 100% natural ingredients.  Deep heat penetration prepares muscles and joint movement before or after vigorous activity.  Even for tired and aching muscles at the end of the day.  Supagel contains essential oil of Wintergreen that is made up almost exclusively of methyl salicylate, a precursor to common aspirin; Wintergreen SHOULD NOT be used by people who are allergic to aspirin.  Wintergreen is used topically in dilutions of 25% or less to limit the transdermal absorption to safe levels. Muscles, Menstrual cramp relief, Sinus and Congestion Relief, Tension Headaches, Sore Joints, Anti-bacterial effects, Anti-fungal effects and amazing results as a muscle massage gel.                                                                       


Supagel  Gel  100ml   Code PN561   Retail  $ 18.50   Member Price $ 15.72  Points 4 

Supagel  Gel  200ml   Code PN562   Retail  $ 26.40   Member Price $ 22.45  Points 6 




Paradise Spray 

Paradise Spray is a unique soothing Aloe Vera based spray boosted with a broad spectrum of plant-derived minerals from healing plants, herbs and blended with some of Australia's most exotic rain forest oils.  This combination of minerals and oils helps soothe, refresh, hydrate and feed your skin.  Used for: After shaving, being in the sun or elements, spray-on bites, and rashes.  This is a gentle formula that can be used for many skin issues.   

Lavender Paradise Spray 125ml     Code PN422   Retail $ 17.00  Member Price $ 14.45  Points 4